I started googling FALL 2017 Bridal trends — I must be honest. It was scary. Runway trends are very different than the “Real Life” look.

These were some of my favorite, realistic trends I found on THEKNOT.COM

Strong Brows

Bold brows are making a comeback thanks to supermodel Cara Delevingne.
Tip for the Taking: To really make your eyes pop, gently fill in the brows to get the shape you want and lightly apply a powder over it. It’s the perfect way to enhance your eyes while adding depth and dimension to your bridal look.

Lip gloss

Lip gloss gets a bad rep, but if done right, it can give your lips a beautiful luminous look. Plus, it perfectly pairs with natural-looking makeup. My go to Bridal shades are: Laura Mercier “Blush”, Mac “Spice” and Mac “Cultured”
Tip for the Taking: Prep lips with a sugar scrub to remove any dead skin, then apply your favorite lipstick or lip stain, followed by a thin layer of lip gloss in a similar shade to add another layer of dimension. Skip glosses with sparkle or metallic sheen to avoid a more juvenile look.

Brown Eye Makeup

In keeping with the natural theme, consider matte brown for your eye shadow and liner. The combo enhances the eyes without looking too in-your-face. I have so many favorite shadows –here a just a few: Urban Decay Naked I Palette, Mac’s Amber Times 9 Palette, Girlactik “Skin” and Dior’s Rosy Tan.
Tip for the Taking: Stay away from brown mascara. Trust us: It will never compare with the boost your lashes get from a solid black.

Pearly Shimmer

A common wedding makeup request is to give skin a dewy look, and this season is no different. To achieve the glowy, not shiny, face–makeup artists use a pearly highlighter stick or powder. My favorites are: Jane Iredale’s “Complete”, Hourglass “Luminous Light” & Mac’s “Pearl”
Tip for the Taking: You’ll get the most shimmer by using a hint of highlighting makeup on the cheek bones, the corner of the inner eye and just below your brows.

Pink Lips

For your lips, bring out your natural color with soft pinks and corals that work well with your skin tone. My all time fav pink colors are: Mac’s “Creme Cup”, Mac’s “Angel” & Arbonne’s “Primrose”.



headshotvictoria ronan certified make-up artist


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Before you book your make-up artist there are some very serious questions and answers you should get before signing on the dotted line for your wedding day services or  photo shoot. 

1.What is your background/Experience?  Have you had any Training? 

A makeup artist that has gone through some sort of school or training understand the harm of transmitting germs and bacteria through makeup and will need to be extra careful when applying makeup products. In addition, makeup artists will be more diverse in different types of makeup and skin tones.  Overall a more trusted artist. You should look for an artist who is certified, with a license in cosmetology or who has completed a master makeup artist program.

2.How long have you been doing Bridal Makeup?

You should definitely ask this question!  So much more goes into working with a bride VS a photo shoot or a model.  A seasoned bridal makeup artist will know the questions to ask the bride to be.  Questions like: Is it an outdoor wedding?  Are you changing your hair color?  Will you be tanning?  In addition to figuring out the “right” look for the bride, the makeup artist needs to be a good listener.  Let’s not forget the fact that weddings are stressful enough — you d need an artist that is experienced with timelines, photographers, and perhaps that crazy family member. 

3. How do you Sanitize your brushes and makeup? 

An artist who only uses alcohol or brush cleaner isn’t properly cleaning his/her brushes.  Brushes will collect bacteria and skin cells from every face they touch. Your makeup artist should be cleaning their brushing with some sort of shampoo/cleaner everyday after each job. Makeup products should not be shared or double dipped.  Your makeup artist should be using a palette knife to scrape out creams and disposable wands for every layer of mascara.

4. Speaking of Timelines…..  How much time should we plan between each person? 

An application should take around 30 minutes – 45 tops. An hour is too long!   It’s important to figure this out so you may design the proper timeline with your hair dresser and your photographer.  Don’t forget to factor in time for the FIRST LOOK if you’ve decided to do that. 

5.Will crying ruin my makeup??  Will it run? 

Rule # 1:  Never Rub — Always dab.  Rule # 2 :  Have tissues handy  Rule #3:  Try not to let the tears run down the cheeks…stop them at the corners of your eyes.  Rule # 4:  WATERPROOF MAKEUP!

6. Do you charge for travel? 

No one likes surprises.  Especially on their wedding day!  Find out all the costs beforehand.  Most makeup artist will charge some sort of travel fee for their on-location services.  Some might have it already built into their pricing as long as it’s within XXX miles. 

7. What should I do if my lipsticks wears off. 

Check to see if your makeup artist will order the lipstick/lipgloss they used on you.  Make sure they use a stain on our lips as well.  Most makeup artist are also available for a day rate on your wedding so you can have them handy for touch ups. 

8. How soon do I need to book your services? 

A good makeup artist will book up very fast so you want to put a hold date as soon as possible. One year in advance is average to hold down a wedding date for a makeup artist.   Also don’t forget to schedule a consultation/trial run — that’s a must.

So, there you have it, the top 8 questions (and answers) you should get prior to booking a make-up artist.



victoria ronan certified make-up artist

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bridal makeup dramatic eye with soft cheeks an lips plums and purples and roses

I personally think there are two staples a girl should never go without — mascara & blush.  Mascara opens the eyes — adds volume.  Blush adds life to your face.  Nothings makes you look more alive and fresh than some color on your apples.  Think pinks, earthy, corals, & burgundy —  It’s all about the color when it comes to your cheeks. 

One of my favorite makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge says it best: 

“Blush is about adding color and dimension, not contouring or sculpting, although, not unlike contour, where you apply it is dependent on your face shape. As a general guideline, if you have a round face, blush works best if you brush it on in a big, soft ‘C’, starting on your cheekbones and sweeping up to your temples. If you have a long face, focus more on the apples of your cheeks, creating a soft cloud of color around the center of your face to break up the length. If you have an oval-shaped face you can pretty much get away with applying color anywhere”.

The key to blush is not to over do it!  Build, build and build.  It’s easier to keep adding versus trying to undo too much color. 

Powder or Creams? 

Personal preference really.  I like both and I use both.  I tend to use cream blush more on my “mature” clients and/or those with dry skin.  I’ll use powder for my younger clientele and those with oily skin.  . 

Some of my favorite blushes are: 


“Melba” by Mac

“Warm Soul” by Mac

“Runway” by Motives

“Taffeta” by Arbonne


“Silver Lake Sunset” by Smashbox (loveeeeee this!)

“Majorette” by Benefit

I’ll be teaching 2 classes at the College of Southern Maryland, Prince Frederick.  

Foundations and Concealers

March 30

Wed. 6-9 pm

$65.00 Classroom A-233

Envied Eyes

April 13

Wed. 6-9

$65.00 Classroom B-201 

For more details, email me directly at victoriaronan@yahoo.com

I hope to see you there!   XO

victoria ronan certified make-up artist

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As much as I love seeing the makeup trends on the runway, I appreciate it more when it’s easy for my clients to re-create it at home. With that said… I bring you the top 5 Fall 2015 trends.


  • Ripe berry lips & plum black lips (think 1990’s).
  • Metallic eye shadow — but this season it’s bronze rather than the classic gold or silver shadows. The color really warms up the face and works well when paired with the lip colors I mentioned above.
  • Flushed cheeks are the rage this Fall. Think of the flush cheeks like you just stepped off the slopes.
  • Tweak the classic cat eye by opting for a more straight swipe of black kohl pencil. This is a more modern way to wear liner that elongates and lifts the eye and adds intrigue to the face.

I always love when a sexy smoky eye makes an appearance on the runway. Though sometimes re-creating a dramatic eye can be intimidating, this season makeup artist Pat McGrath created a diffused look using just black and brown liner that she called a “smoky eye girls can do at home.”


photo credit: elle.com


victoria ronan certified make-up artist



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Of all the reasons why you should hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding, this may be the top reason. Your wedding day is going to be busy and you’re sure to have a few unexpected bumps in the road, so don’t let your look suffer. Hiring a makeup artist will allow you to sit back and relax and let someone else pamper you on your special day (at least while your #makeup is being applied)! Most makeup artists will meet with you prior to your wedding day to do a trial run of the makeup #look you want. Doing so will let you get your makeup done just how you want it in a timely manner on your #wedding day.


Makeup artists are trained on the art and proper selection of colors. From your lips to your eyes to your foundation -makeup artists exactly how to pick the colors that best suit you and your coloring. You’ll probably never be photographed as much as you will on your #wedding day so you want your makeup to be flawless & beautiful. Not to mention flattering!


#makeup artists apply make up for a living, so our kits are stocked with the best, high quality & sometimes the most expensive products that are designed for durability, breath-ability and longevity that you may not own or be able to afford yourself. As a makeup artist myself, I keep my kit ready with makeup designed to #look amazing when photographed with high definition cameras as most brides are on their wedding days. Hiring a makeup artist for your #wedding day will give you access to products that you may not have otherwise, not to mention they will be professionally applied for you


Experienced makeup artists practice the art of makeup every single day. They were taught proper makeup application techniques and have worked on hundreds of different faces. If you’re not a makeup artist and you haven’t studied proper #makeup application then you may not be getting the best final result. Hiring a makeup artist for your wedding day will allow you to #look flawless while still looking like your normal self!


victoria ronan certified make-up artist

Victoria named her company Natural Looks by Victoria because her philosophy is simple – “I believe in enhancing one’s natural features”. As a Southern Maryland based Certified Make-Up Artist, Victoria’s goal for every woman is bring out their fresh young Natural Look. Victoria covers Southern Maryland as well as Washington DC and Maryland Metro Area, and Northern Virginia. Certified Makeup Artist Victoria services Calvert County, St. Mary’s County, Charles County, Annapolis, and Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

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