Before You Book – The Top 8 Questions to Ask Your Makeup Artist


1. What is your background/Experience?  Have you had any Training? 

A makeup artist that has gone through some sort of school or training understand the harm of transmitting germs and bacteria through makeup and will need to be extra careful when applying makeup products. In addition, makeup artists will be more diverse in different types of makeup and skin tones.  Overall a more trusted artist. You should look for an artist who is certified, with a license in cosmetology or who has completed a master makeup artist program.

2. How long have you been doing Bridal Makeup?

You should definitely ask this question!  So much more goes into working with a bride VS a photo shoot or a model.  A seasoned bridal makeup artist will know the questions to ask the bride to be.  Questions like: Is it an outdoor wedding?  Are you changing your hair color?  Will you be tanning?  In addition to figuring out the “right” look for the bride, the makeup artist needs to be a good listener.  Let’s not forget the fact that weddings are stressful enough — you d need an artist that is experienced with timelines, photographers, and perhaps that crazy family member. 

3. How do you Sanitize your brushes and makeup? 

An artist who only uses alcohol or brush cleaner isn’t properly cleaning his/her brushes.  Brushes will collect bacteria and skin cells from every face they touch. Your makeup artist should be cleaning their brushing with some sort of shampoo/cleaner everyday after each job. Makeup products should not be shared or double dipped.  Your makeup artist should be using a palette knife to scrape out creams and disposable wands for every layer of mascara.

4. Speaking of Timelines…..  How much time should we plan between each person? 

An application should take around 30 minutes – 45 tops. An hour is too long!   It’s important to figure this out so you may design the proper timeline with your hair dresser and your photographer.  Don’t forget to factor in time for the FIRST LOOK if you’ve decided to do that. 

5. Will crying ruin my makeup??  Will it run? 

Rule # 1:  Never Rub — Always dab.  Rule # 2 :  Have tissues handyRule #3:  Try not to let the tears run down the cheeks…stop them at the corners of your eyes.  Rule # 4:  WATERPROOF MAKEUP!

6. Do you charge for travel? 

No one likes surprises.  Especially on their wedding day!  Find out all the costs beforehand.  Most makeup artist will charge some sort of travel fee for their on-location services.  Some might have it already built into their pricing as long as it’s within XXX miles. 

7. What should I do if my lipsticks wears off. 

Check to see if your makeup artist will order the lipstick/lipgloss they used on you.  Make sure they use a stain on our lips as well.  Most makeup artist are also available for a day rate on your wedding so you can have them handy for touch ups. 

8. How soon do I need to book your services? 

A good makeup artist will book up very fast so you want to put a hold date as soon as possible. One year in advance is average to hold down a wedding date for a makeup artist.   Also don’t forget to schedule a consultation/trial run — that’s a must.

So, there you have it, the top 8 questions (and answers) you should get prior to booking a make-up artist.



Erin Neumann